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Online Casino Free Bonuses

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Online Casino Bonuses

  • Complete  Slot Machines, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker
  • Credible  Most Credible and secure online casinos
  • Free Get welcome Bonus of 100% - up to a deposit of $1,500
  • Accepts  Accepting Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and more..
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People who hesitate to play casino games on the Internet are mostly those who have developed a habit of playing them in traditional or online casinos. However, due to the drastic changes in the technology, this habit is bound to change as the software provides the same feel and vibes as that of real casino right into the living room of the people.

Unlike traditional casinos, which don’t give any special treatment to players, online casinos provide a lot of prizes and bonuses to the players who play casino games on the web site for the first time. This feature is almost unavailable in the traditional casinos. This is mainly because of the intense competition, which is currently prevailing in the online casino industry. you can get more info on players rewards card here, as well as bonuses and other great benefits to players.

The main advantage, which players get from playing casino on the Internet, is that of higher return rates. While playing casino games on the Internet, the players don’t have to pay for bartenders, tips and hence can cut back their expenses. This in turn allows the players to get a high return on their investment, which obviously help the players to make more profits than they can make by playing in the traditional or land-based casinos.


Online Poker for Real Money

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Introduction to Real Money Online Poker

•What is Online Poker

Online poker is a poker game that players can enjoy playing over the Internet. There are various websites, called online casinos, in which players can find online poker that they can play either for free, or for real money. As it is easy to understand, the free version of online poker is only played for fun or with the purpose of learning to play this game of odds, while playing it for real money can also bring the player revenues, in case he/she wins during the online poker game. However, for playing online poker, the player is very likely needed to create an account on the chosen platform/website, in order to be able to play the chosen online poker game, especially in case he wishes to play it for real money. 

•A few words regarding its legality

In what regards the legality of online poker, it has some common points, yet differs from the legality of online casino gambling. As opposed to online casino gambling, online gambling is legal and regulated in many nations and countries, including some that are in and around the Caribbean Sea and also in the United Kingdom. 

As in what regards the United States online poker legal status, in February 2005, the North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill that was meant to legalize and regulate online poker in the state. In 2006, another bill was issued, called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which made it illegal for the banks in the US to accept any deposits from online poker sites, as caused by problems related to money laundering that were considered to be related to online poker. In October 2012, a new bill was issued, called the Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2012, and its purpose was that of decreasing the online gambling, yet authorizing online poker and horse racing. 

The position for online poker for real money

Online Poker for Real Money


Online poker for real money has the same rules as online casinos for money, to put it straight. This means that basically, the same rules apply for online poker for real money that also apply for online casinos. As so, it means that online poker is legally played in many European countries, but it is mostly illegal to be played in most of the US states. 

•In Europe

In Europe, online poker is seen differently depending on the country, exactly as it is in the case of online casinos. While some countries regulate and consider it completely legal to play online poker for real money, there are also countries in Europe which don’t allow players to play online poker for real money. For this, it is important to check the regulations and the law of the country in order to see whether it is legal to play online poker for real money or not.

•In the US

Although the Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2012 has the purpose of making online poker legal in the US, people are still not quite sure about the legality of online poker for real money in the US. This is because online casinos and gambling online is still prohibited and considered illegal in most of the US states, which makes people worry about the acceptance of players to use real money for online poker gambling.

Watch a video showing you strategies and techniques used to bring you huge winnings from playing online poker with real money:

5 things to look for when playing online poker for real money

As you probably know already, there are various websites over the Internet that offer online poker for real money. However, before starting to play online poker for real money, there are a few things that you should look for and they include the following ones:

1.Only play online poker for real money on sites that are trusted and reputable. This is probably one of the most important things that you should look for when you decide to play online poker for real money. 

2.Check the online poker site to be one that plays your winnings with promptness. You need to ensure that you are actually paid the money that you win, also without any risk for your security and privacy. For this, you can try to find out more about your chosen online poker site, by reading some reviews about it or by checking some further details about it.

3.Bonuses. As you probably know, most of the reliable websites also offer a signup bonus for their players. You should look for an online poker site that offers a good signup bonus for its new online poker players, so that you can benefit of playing your desired game with money that you get as a bonus from the online poker site of your choice.

4.You need to ensure that your chosen online poker site accepts players from your country, so that you are sure that you can legally play for real money on your desired site.

5.Check the payment methods accepted by the site of your choice, in order to avoid any future issues regarding the payment of your winnings. This is also one of the most important things to look for when you’re choosing the online poker site where you wish to spend your time and your money.

Find out about “Best Poker Sites To Play Online Poker

Watch this video with tips and tricks for playing online poker:

3 Differences between playing online poker for fun and for money

As it is obvious, there are some important differences between playing online poker for fun or for real money. Here are three of the most important differences between playing free and real money online poker:

Play Online Poker for Money

1.Playing for free does not present any kind of risk, as compared to playing online poker for real money. 

2.When you play for free, you have the chance to learn the basics and strategies of online poker, without losing real money for doing so. However, when you play for fun, you cannot redeem any possible winnings, as opposed to when you play online poker for real money, a case in which you should be paid real money for your winnings during the game.

3.In most online poker sites, you don’t need to create an account for playing for fun, but the first step that you need to do when playing for real money is creating an account on your chosen site and also depositing money in your account, in order to be able to start playing your chosen game.

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See here a guide for online poker:

How to play online poker with real money

•Create account

When you wish to play online poker for real money, the first thing you need to do is choosing your desired site where you are offered the chance to play your chosen poker game for real money. Then, you need to create an account on your chosen site, by providing all the personal information that the site requires. Given the fact that you need to give your personal information when creating your account, you are recommended to pay attention to the reliability and trustworthiness of your chosen online poker site. Some of the information that you are required to provide when creating an account to be able to play online poker with real money include the following:



-Email address

-Telephone number

-Connect with the information or account of your credit card or other payment method 

Also, when creating your account, you will be asked to choose your desired username and password.

•Choose the payment method

In order to be able to play online poker for real money, you need to choose your desired payment method.This is a step that you will usually need to do when you create an account, in order to be able to make your first deposit. All the online poker sites provide their players with various payment methods available and so you can choose the one that is most suitable for you.

•Accepted payment methods

You will need to check the list of available payment methods, in order to ensure that your chosen online poker site also allows you to opt for the payment method that you prefer or that you can choose. Some of the most popular payment methods accepted by online poker sites include:


-Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)



-Wire transfer

-Western Union

-Local bank transfers

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A few tips regarding playing online poker with real money

Playing online poker for real money is quite popular nowadays, yet it is important to know some tips regarding playing online poker with real money, in order to benefit of a wonderful playing experience:

-Set yourself a budget limit, which you will use while you play, in order to avoid spending too much money while playing online poker. It is also important to decide the amount of money that you are going to use to bet in each round that you play.

-Pay attention not to become too addicted to playing online poker for real money, as it is a known fact that such games have an increased rate of addictiveness. You could try to schedule a time for playing online poker or you could set a limit of money to play per day. Anyway, you should try to limit your playing period in order to avoid becoming addicted to this activity.

-Only play online poker with real money on sites that you can trust. It is probably one of the most important things to do, given the fact that you will need to provide your personal information when creating an account, and you will also invest real money in it.

-Ensure that the site of your choice will pay you for the winnings you make, as there are also online poker sites that never pay for your winnings. For this, you can start by searching for trusted and reliable sites that offer online poker for real money, before you create an account and start playing.

You can see here a live session of playing online poker for real money:


Playing online poker for real money is very popular and can bring you lots of fun, alongside with great winnings, which you make right from the comfort of your own home. However, there are some requirements that you need to follow in order to enjoy a good experience while playing online poker for real money. 

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See why Players rave about the 888 Poker Bonus

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When it comes to signup bonuses, the online poker industry standard is to offer a 100% match up to a certain amount. So if you deposited $100, you'd be eligible to earn another $100, with the key word being "earn" because you'll have to work for all of it. But this isn't the case with the 888 Poker bonus, where you get a portion of your money upfront, which is an industry rarity. In this case, rare is definitely good so read on to find out what you get from this highly popular online poker bonus.

Free Money Upfront

As long as you make a deposit while using the "888Max" bonus code, you'll be eligible for a 100% match bonus up to $400+$10. The $10 is free cash that's given right away to use on real money cash and tournament tables. Okay, that free $10 is nice, but nothing's too out of the ordinary so far.

Of course, this is until you find out that 888 also delivers 25% of your match bonus upfront. You don't even have to earn this money - it's just put into your account for real money use immediately! To illustrate this point, assume that you deposit $200. This means that you'll be getting $50 of the bonus money immediately along with another $10 free - for a total of $60 in funds that are ready for the real money tables.

Earning the Match Bonus

So what about the other 75% of your 888 Poker bonus? Like any other site, you must at least earn part of your signup bonus. The requirements for doing so at 888 include generating BPs (Bonus Points) to unlock the reward. You need 10 BPs to collect every dollar of your match bonus. And every $1 that you contribute in ring game or tournament rake delivers 2 BPs. Do the quick math and that amounts to $5 in rake for every dollar in free cash.

To explain this, let's say that you once again deposit $200. As covered before, 25% of the bonus is given upfront, with the other 75% needing to be earned, which is $150 in this case. To unlock the full amount, you'd have to generate 1,500 BPs (150 x 10), thus equating to $750 in total rake (1,500/2).

As can be seen, the 888 Poker bonus isn't overly difficult to earn. Plus, the free cash that you get immediately after depositing only sweetens the deal. Just remember, though, that the free money needs to go through wagering requirements before it can be cashed out.

To read more visit


Why people get attracted to Online Casinos

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Many people are attracted to online poker for a number of reasons.

One is that there is no waiting around in order to get into a game, as there often is with live games held at casinos. On one recent journey to a nearby casino, I was facing the prospect of having a 90 minute wait to get to a table, even though I was willing to take the first available seat with the exception of the really high rollers’ tables. I can only imagine what people who wanted to get in some of the lower stakes seats were faced with for a wait time.

The casinos, of course, hope you will go squander your money on drinks, or playing slots, or some other game of luck, and then go home. They don’t care how they get your money, as long as they do. Get free bets to start you off, better their money than yours.

Attraction to Online Casinos

Another reason is that some people do not enjoy the prospect of experiencing hard feelings aroused from taking money from acquaintances in the so-called “friendly” game. The anonymity of online poker is a huge anxiety reliever in this area.

One potential drawback to online poker is that without seeing your opponents, it is essentially impossible to pick up the cues that allow you to intuitively decide whether someone is holding the cards to justify their wager or is bluffing.

This is certainly true on some level. A lot of successful poker players speak of playing the man, not the cards. They become, over the course of time, very adept at identifying the players sitting at the table with them who have true skills and separating these from the players who are there for entertainment and would like to win, but are after fun as much as anything else.

Finding an online poker site is not difficult; there are so many that all you have to do is Google ‘online poker site’ and they will find you, but how do you make the decision as to which ones are trustworthy? Try looking here at

The best way is to ask for recommendations from anyone you know personally who plays online poker. Someone who has done all the work of finding a good site will have nothing but high praise for the site they are using.

While they are talking, ask them for details about any bonuses or free bets the site offers for a good way to stretch your funds.


Try online poker sites risk free before making a Deposit

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If you are tired of planning a long weekend just to play your favorite games, here are online poker sites where you can play from Internet at your home. You just have to find best web source to make your journey risk free. Here our main focus is to highlight facts that are necessary to know when you are playing online.

Now you don’t have to stay in smelly hotels and you don’t have to eat junk food anymore. You just have to stay in room and enjoy your favorite poker games online, there are many options of poker ipad and iphone apps. It does not matter what time or day of the week, you just start your computer and start playing online. The best part of whole equation is that you don’t even have to invest your money for playing poker online. There are endless online poker sites offering “no deposit bonus” scheme.

First of all, you have to find the online poker sites with “no deposit bonus” scheme. Now you have to fill out a application form to become a member of poker website. The whole process would not take more than five minutes. Once you are registered with the website, they will send you a confirmation mail and you have to verify the link. Once you are done with everything, you are registered with online poker website finally.

Now open the Login page of the website and enter username and password, for the Android user press poker for android in your search field. Here you have to enter the bonus code and your account will be credited with specific amount as described by the website earlier. Now start playing online with the credited amount. Every time you win a game online, your account will be credited with a specific amount. All online poker sites have different rules for payout. Don’t forget to read all payout rules and regulation before making any final registration with the website.

You can also play big tournaments for earning huge profits. These tournaments are held weekly or monthly. The best thing about online poker sites is that you can play at your own comfort without moving somewhere. At few places, it is banned to play gambling games. Poker lovers can enjoy online gambling games in those states too. Now you don’t have to waste your money in travelling and eating junk food at the weekends.

Another advantage of dealing with online poker is that you don’t have to wait much to play poker. In live casino, you have to wait for hours to play your turn. But in case of online poker, you don’t have to waste your valuable time. You just have to login to your account and start playing. Online poker sites are 24*7 hours open. Online websites also offer endless promotion and bonus schemes to the players. These promotion schemes make your online poker game more interesting.


You just have to make a little research to find best online source for you. Sometimes, you can also make a living if you play safe and responsibly. There are no dealers online, so you don’t have to pay dealer fee at all. 


Tournament Poker hands – Playing to win a tournament

Written by Super User. Posted in Poker playmakers

Tournament is a single unit game whereas in case of ring games each hand is a unit. When you are playing ring games, you have to play hands in holistic fashion. You can also quit the ring game after any hand. Action of tournaments is beyond single hand unit. In case of ring game basic unit is hand where basic unit of any tournament is tournament itself.

I was watching No Limit online tournament recently. John and Mary were playing against each other. John’s is a player that knows how to win texas holdem but his reaction was quite predictable but Mary was behaving badly. During tournament, Mary was playing each hand as an individual unit. In case of ring games, individual hand matters. This is not the case with tournaments. For No Limit tournaments, there is no significance of individual hand at all. If you are losing ten hands consistently then you may win at the eleventh unit. John was already stable and clam but Mary has to improve his reaction and she has to wait for right time to win the tournament.

Every time when John was on the button, it was quite predictable that he would never play the hand for less than AA. Now Mary has to raise the minimum hand to win. According to Mary, John was stealing her ideas without looking at his own hand. But bluff is common in case of any gambling game. Opponents should prepare themselves in advance and it can be don’t by regular practice only.

It does not matter either John is playing tricks or not. We are just concerned to tournament as a whole. When you are playing tournaments, you will observe a big picture in front of you. The picture is missing in case of ring games. In ring game, you have to set your future expectations. However, every hand played at ring game has its own significance. In case of tournaments, you have to focus on last hand only to win big cash prize. Just forget about all the hands that you have played in between.

In case, your opponent is playing in a predictable way then don’t forget to analyze his reactions very well. It will help you to make your own strategies against the predictable player. You should happily accept his hands then play your hand accordingly. If you are able to beat your opponents then it is quite obvious that you have won the tournament. Tournaments are held weekly, monthly, or yearly. But you can win bracelets or big cash prize in the tournament.

Every time you are going to participate in any tournament and this includes playing in one of the NETeller Poker Sites, you have to spend a lot on travel. If you don’t want to visit any crowded place then you can enjoy poker tournaments online also. In this case, it not only saves your time but also your valuable money. When you are playing tournament, winning hands should not be your goal. Your objective is to win the tournament with right strategy and right technique.


Few people just focus on hands and they completely forget about tournament. Don’t maximize your potential in hands. Try to maximize your potential in tournament.

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